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Life Coach Shruti – Skills Snapshot

Life Coaching

Closing gap between where you are now and where you want to be by breaking through your limited beliefs

Adolescent Health Specialist

Proficient advice to manage adolescent issues

Parenting Advisor / Relationship Management

Psycho-educate parents to build bonds with their child. Counselling to manage any kind of challenge in relations

EFT Practitioner / Brain Reprogrammer

Identifying your genetic brain design and develop emotional intelligence

Business Coach

Identify barriers for business growth, guidance for expanding business by focusing on positive self-esteem and effective communication skills

Transition Management

Guidance for polishing your existence, enabling you to accept and appreciate major shifts at any stage of life

Wellness Management / Motivation Speaker

Enskill and enable individuals self-reflect, identify dense areas of life and learn to manage them

Angel Therapist & Card Reader / Reiki Healer

Healing by energetic modalities. Card reading for obtaining directions for present or future concerns

Peer pressure management

Learn to handle peers positively and manage friendship

3 months with Life Coach Shruti

Begin your journey of transformation by rediscovering your inner potential to create a new you.

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